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Heat pipe solar collector

Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Internationally certified product. It has reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes with copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer, no water enter into the tube, can be used in cold area. Easy plug-in installation and maintenance. It’s perfect for domestic solar water heater system...
Separated pressurized solar water heater

Separated Pressurized Solar Water Heater

This split solar water heating system has solar collectors on roof and water tanks inside the house, and transfers heat energy collected by the collectors into the tank by natural or forced circulation of the working fluid between collector and the tank...
Compact pressurized solar water heater

Compact Pressurized Solar Water Heater

The material of inner tank is SUS304 2B (food grade) with 1.2mm thickness. All machine welding. The material of outer tank is SUS304 2B with 0.4mm thickness. The material of stand frame is stainless steel with 1.2mm thickness or Aluminum alloy with 2.0mm thickness. The thickness of polyurethane foam...